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About Atlantis Marine International

We are serving all type of ships as a cargo and bulk carriers, cruise ships, research vessels, offshore support vessels, naval ships and submarines, fishing trawlers and cruising luxury yachts in Chennai Port and all other Indian Ports.

Our employees always provide our customers with quality products, expectional service, and we respond in timely and professional manner to our customers' every need.

We are open for business 24 hours a day 365 days a year to provide the products and services required by our customers.

In this way Global Ship Supply can provide products and goods at competitive prices .

With these facilities in every major Indian ports, we can maintain, throughout the country, the continuity of quality and service vessels require. And we can do so with a 24/7 work force to deliver where and when it is convenient for the vessel.

Our successful development of this unique service rests in our ability to provide all these services in a more structured and controlled environment, with greater attention to detail and quality, and at prices more competitive through advanced deployment, on-site support and volume contracting. We have proven we can.

Our moto is to provide our valued customers with international standard ship chandler services & supplies and we will continue for successfully developments to be a leader ship supplier in India .